Cat straight CHILLIN’ on a dumpster.

18 Aug

I wanted to wait to make another post until after this weekend, but I figured I’ll probably have too much to say by then! Yes, it is the weekend for me. I’m still grasping the idea that it starts on a Thursday. Anyways, i’ve really settled in and become comfortable with my apartment and the campus. And by that, I mean … I don’t feel awkward making pasta in the kitchen and I actually know how to get to Ulpan in the morning 🙂 and GUESS WHAT?! I found a BOMB sushi place that isn’t that far which was a small victory for me.

Ulpan is … going. At first it was all very exciting because we are learning the ABC’s and when we would be able to spell at word out like … PI-ZZA, there was an applause throughout the room, but now we are learning feminine, masculine, and many many verbs. It’s challenging but I find myself able to understand daily conversations between Israeli’s more and more which is AWESOME. Because anyone that has gone to a foreign speaking country knows that it absolutely sucks not being able to read menus or argue with the taxi driver because you just know they are ripping you off. And what is great about the class is that it’s not like i’m doing this to find the easy way out in class just to get an A, the purpose is to actually learn for my own benefit. Kinda makes me realize what college is actually all about … oops.

Anyhoo, let me tell you all about our adventure the other night. So a bunch of us decide to go to this house party that we are invited to … because you know, everyone loves the foreign kids, and a very very interesting thing happened. Now I was very hesitant to write about this because everyone knows that if you aren’t knowledgeable about Israel, you will think … get out of there NOW!! But I figured throughout this whole blogging schpeal, I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone and sprinkle some knowledge on your souls. So at around 11 PM, I was talking to a very nice Israeli gentleman I met (who by the way spoke perfect english!) and suddenly a siren went off. And of course, me being the underage college student that I am, ask this nice gentleman, is that the cops?! Of course he laughs and says “hmm the warning is usually louder than that. No, that is the warning siren, a rocket is coming.” After that statement, I look around me to see everyone calming scattering to the walls (oh by the way we were outside, surrounded by a cement wall, really cool party though, DJ and bartender and the whole deal!). So, immediately I look at him for more information and slash or direction of what exactly to do. He just says, just keep calm…soon you will hear the rocket land and it will be over. So, the whole party is silent and we just wait … eventually we heard not one but two bangs … everyone clapped, and it’s safe to say the party ended after that (atleast for me, some folks hit up the bars!). I asked him about it after and if it ever freaks him out and he just said, “it’s hard to relate because we are so used to it. You know, it comes, and there is nothing we can do. If you die, you’re going to die.” And I strangely understood completely what he meant. They are living there either way, and why choose to live your life in fear? People die from things every day. But just to keep your minds at ease, the rockets landed in the middle of nowhere. This isn’t some sort of daily occurrence, but it does happen (not since March though!). Oh and the rockets came from Gaza, I think like 20 something miles away? And he told me about the last time the rockets hit. Funny story. He said the sirens went off, they were waiting, and he said some people could see it in the sky, and you see the Gaza rocket then the Israeli rocket hit it directly to stop it. Needless to say, people cheered. Patriotism at it’s best. (Although don’t quote me on that story, my memory is a little fuzzy … ).

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are heading for a hike to Avdat Park and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it =) I have just a few pictures of a night we went out, a cat straight CHILLIN on a dumpster, a picture of a picture of this girl who looks EXACTLY like my friend Corinne (hayyy gurl.) And only family will get the book picture … I found it at this little coffee shop that sells book, crazy!!

Anyways, I’ll have a lot more pictures soon I hope!

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Oh ps a burger, fries, and a drink from McDonald’s here is atleast 35 shekels, AKA 10 dollars. WTF?!?

P.P.S. – I’m craving Chipotle like no other.


One Response to “Cat straight CHILLIN’ on a dumpster.”

  1. Talia Warsaw August 18, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

    LOVE this post, and I want that cat. Glad you are safe! I am getting chiptole tonight, FYI..

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