Wake up call: Wine tasting, 9 AM- Golan Heights

22 Sep

HI! I’m still alive!!!  Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, I guess I’ve felt like I haven’t had anything interesting to say, then I remember I’m in a different country so things that I find normal now probably aren’t so normal back home, and thus interesting!

Hmm, so I think the last time I left off I was going to Tel Aviv for the weekend which seems so long ago now. It was a fun weekend, I did some necessary (or actually unnecessary) shopping…got AMAZING sandals, spent a countless amount of hours frolicking on the beach, managed to get kicked out of a British themed bar (my friend decided it would be a good idea to steal a 10 ball off of the pool table, needless to say, the bar owner told us to never come back …) and met some people from the UK and South Africa in our hostel (which by the way was super nice). As you can see by our Myspace pics, we had a lot of fun =).

I graduated Ulpan last week!!!!! Although i’m still taking Hebrew three times a week with the same magnificent teacher (I had a picture with her as you can see). So now I am officially in Alef + …whatever that means. My classes began this week and OH EM GEE am I excited for this semester.

1.) we have Critical Decisions. This class gives me a nice background on every decision the state of Israel has made to create the land we live in today. That is ….60 years of decisions. Let’s just say it’s a lot more in depth than History 101.

2.) Next we have Violence in our Lives: Cartoons to Mass Murder & Back in which during it’s four hour duration I learn about a topic that has to do with violence and the media such as “the logics and values of mass violence: war, genocide, and the movie 300” in which I will be watching the movie 300 and picking it apart. During our first class we watched Ice Age …i’m excited for this one.

3.) Internet Society. I’m particularly interested in this class because I just think the internet is such an amazing phenomenon, so who doesn’t want to discuss it for 2 hours?!

4.) Israel Society as Seen Through Israeli Film. This class is taught by a man who seems like he could talk for days but luckily half of the class is again, watching some of the best Israeli films there are. I think the title is pretty self explanatory.

So, now do you understand why this semester is going to be amazing!?

This past weekend I went to the Golan Heights up North. My weekend was full of kayaking, wine tasting, LOTS of praying, and shots of Jager mixed with Goldschlager AKA liquid cocaine (according the Jeff Seidel, creator the Jeff Seidel program AKA Jews from America hangin out in Isreal and learning a whole lot more about our religion). It was definitely a weekend in which I learned a lot about myself and my religion. I won’t go into too mu

ch detail but we stayed on a religious Kibbutz which is absolutely beautiful, such a refreshing change from the desert. And I experience my first real Shabbaton. And can I just say, going through a prayer service in which you have no idea what is going on AFTER having drinks is NEVER a good idea. I didn’t know the prayers would be an hour, okay?!? I was SO hungry. But needless to say it was a reaaaal experience. But I met some really cool people from Tel Aviv U and Hebrew U and learned just how small our program is. We showed up with 10 students while TAU showed up with 70. So.

I’ve started to realize it is a lot harder to write about things because no one reading this knows any person that I’ve met here, and it’s those people who have really made this experience unforgettable so far. Any one that has ever traveled knows that it’s the people you are with and those you meet that really help you realize who you are and what you’ve learned (yeah I know this sounds SUPER corny)…but it’s so true!!

I’m only two months in but I can already tell you I’m coming back with a LOT more than I came with. Now the only thing I need to figure out is where I can get a vaccuum around here to seal all of my clothes in my suitcase, THAT is going to be a serious issue. Until next time, I’m Ron Burgundy??


One Response to “Wake up call: Wine tasting, 9 AM- Golan Heights”

  1. auntie lisa October 9, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Sounds like you’re learning a lot and singlehandedly improving the economy by getting a whole new wardrobe! =]

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